Partnership Stories

Jesse Crary

Jesse Crary takes an innovative approach on behalf of captive insurance clients to achieve client objectives. For example, he is an industry leader in the development and growth of group medical stop loss captives, and the effective use of incorporated protected cell structures as a means for smaller companies to gain entry to captive solutions. Jesse closely follows new trends in the captive industry and harnesses the best of those trends to benefit our clients. He works on behalf of a wide range of clients including pure captive affiliates for Fortune 500 companies; group captive structures, including risk retention groups, reciprocals, association captives and sponsored/protective cell captives; special purpose vehicles providing excess reserve financing; and tax efficient micro captives. On behalf of these clients he has performed services ranging from insurance company conversions (including de-mutualizations, reciprocal conversions, mergers and acquisitions) to captive re-domestications.