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By: Shireen Hart

The Speaking Circuit

Aug 12, 2016
Anne Cramer and I are doing a lot of talks these days to groups, whether clients or not, about recent developments in health law (that seems like a redundant phrase, given the breakneck pace at which health…
Happy Anniversary Vermont!

Happy Anniversary Vermont!

Jul 29, 2016
Beginning Tuesday, August 9, there will be a multiday celebration in honor of the 35th anniversary of Vermont’s captive insurance legislation. Since Vermont became a captive in 1981, there have been significant…
By: Nicole Bodoh

Thinking about Deferring Executive Compensation? Setting up a 409-A Compliant Plan is a Must

Jul 19, 2016
Company executives sometimes decide to delay receiving their salaries for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the company lacks sufficient cash to meet its compensation obligations. Or perhaps the executive…
Gary M. Burt

Two Recent Victories

Jul 01, 2016
Primmer’s Gary M. Burt, successfully represented Vermont Mutual Insurance Company before the New Hampshire Supreme Court in the matter of Todd v. Vermont Mutual Insurance Co., et al. Todd had been accused…
Gary Karnedy

Did the Green Mountain Care Board Overstep its Power?

Jun 22, 2016
Primmer’s Gary Karnedy argued a case for client MVP Health Insurance Co. at the Vermont Supreme Court on Tuesday. MVP is suing the Green Mountain Care Board on behalf of Agriservices, a farming association…
Alexa Clauss

An In-depth Look into Vermont’s New Sick Leave Law

Jun 14, 2016
Recently, Vermont became the fifth state in the nation to pass a paid sick leave law for most employees. The following Q&A article by Primmer attorney Alexa Clauss recently appeared in Vermont Business…
Gender Pay Gap Remains Shockingly Unchanged

Gender Pay Gap Remains Shockingly Unchanged

Jun 08, 2016
Over the past generation, it has actually become harder for women to earn as much as their male counterparts. At least, that’s the opinion of U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch. “In fact, there seems…
Is Your RRG Compliant?

Is Your RRG Compliant?

Jun 02, 2016
The Vermont Department of Financial Regulation released a memo in March of this year to remind Risk Retention Groups (RRGs) of the requirement to be compliant with corporate governance standards by May…
IAIS Publishes Report on Cyber-Security Issues Among Insurers

IAIS Publishes Report on Cyber-Security Issues Among Insurers

May 11, 2016
To raise awareness about the growing concern of cyber-risk among insurers, the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) recently published a report titled Issues Paper on Cyber Risk to…
Clara Conklin

New Hampshire Legislature Resolves ‘Agritourism’ Debate

May 05, 2016
Agritourism is perhaps one of the fastest growing sectors of agriculture today. Nationwide, and in New Hampshire, farmers are gradually incorporating agritourism activities into their farms to remain profitable.…