Upcoming Event: Vermont Laws for Healthy & Inclusive Workplaces

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On March 21, 2019 Alexandra Clauss will be conducting a workshop alongside attorneys Heather Wright and Ben Traverse as part of the 2019 Worksite Wellness Conference at the DoubleTree Hotel in South Burlington, VT. 

Event Description: 

Trivia Quiz Bowl! Vermont Laws for Healthy and Inclusive Workplaces 

Attendees will divide into teams and compete against each other while learning about employment-related laws and how to use current laws to support a healthy and inclusive workplace. This session will take place in an exciting quiz bowl format led by local employment law experts. Topics covered will include human resources, ADA compliance, requirements for leave, new pregnancy-related accommodations, and more!  After each completed round, the presenters will provide detailed explanations of the correct answers and answer follow-up questions from attendees. Register today!