From the Vermont State House | 11.10

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With cases spiking nationwide and increasing precipitously in New England, the Scott Administration suspended their quarantine travel map today and replaced it with a hard quarantine requirement for all nonessential travel in and out of Vermont.

Whereas before, people were able to travel to and from counties with low case counts, this change means anyone leaving or entering the state of Vermont is required either to quarantine for 14 days, or to quarantine for 7 days and then test negative for COVID-19. There are exceptions for essential travel and for border towns. Essential travel includes travel for personal safety, health care, care of others, parental shared custody, for food, beverage or medicine, for students to attend preK-12 school or college, or for work. People living near the Vermont border who regularly travel into Vermont are permitted to enter the state for food, medical care, or shared custody visits.

The Governor also announced that first responders, liquor control officers, and other state and municipal officers will be conducting COVID compliance spot checks at places where there are often many out of state visitors, to help local businesses and gathering locations to stay in compliance with Vermont regulations. The Governor stressed that he does not expect a heavy hand in enforcement; however, locations with substantial or repeated noncompliance may be referred to state authorities for sanction. The Commissioner of Public Safety emphasized that there is no penalty structure in place yet, and those compliance checks are meant to be educational as they roll out.