From the Vermont State House | 3.25.2020

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From the Governor and Administration

Following yesterday’s Stay Home/Stay Safe Order by the Governor in Addendum No. 6 to his original State of Emergency, the Agency of Commerce and Community Development has issued a FAQs for Businesses. This provides additional guidance to businesses on who is, or is not, considered to be providing services and functions deemed critical to public health and safety, and economic and national security. Those businesses still not clear or wishing to be deemed critical can also submit a Request for Continuation to ACCD for determination.  

 From the State House

The House is reconvening today to consider two COVID-19 related bills that passed the Senate yesterday. Those are H.742 (health care, unemployment insurance, and certain DMV issues) and H.681 (municipal issues). The Senate also passed S.316, which relieves the requirement that witnesses to execution of wills need not be physically present. The House is expected to concur with the Senate amendments to these bills, and then send them to the Governor for signature.

The Senate and House are also passing amendments to rules allowing for remote committee meetings and voting. This practice and implementation will become clearer in the coming days.

Lastly, committees will also begin to focus on the next set of COVID-19 related bills. That is expected to be the focus over the next couple of weeks. When they turn their attention to other bills that remain pending is still to be determined.