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Changes to Partnership Auditing Rules

Jun 28, 2018
Changes to Partnership Audit Rules Warrant Changes to Existing Partnership, LLC Agreements, and Estate Planning Documents for LLCs taxed as Partnerships.

Marijuana Legalization & the Workplace | 5 Tips for Employers

Jun 20, 2018
Vermont recently joined a growing number of states that have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Vermont’s law, among other things, eliminates penalties for possession of one ounce or less of marijuana and two mature and four immature marijuana plants for a person who is 21 years of age or older.

Vermont’s New Captive: Affiliated Reinsurance Companies

Jun 20, 2018
With an eye toward creating a domestic alternative to offshore reinsurance affiliates, the Vermont Legislature recently passed legislation establishing a new type of captive, an affiliated reinsurance company (“ARC”), effective July 1, 2018.

Vermont Employment Law Alert: Ban on Salary History Inquiries

May 29, 2018
Vermont employers take note: New legislation (H.294) signed into law by Governor Scott on May 11, 2018, will prohibit employers from making inquiries into a job applicant’s salary history.

Key Takeaways from 8 Years of Service to the Vermont Labor Relations Board

May 15, 2018
After eight years serving on the Vermont Labor Relations Board (“VLRB”) (three as Chair), I stepped down last year to expand our Firm’s ability to advise clients on labor issues, and to represent them before the Board.

ABA Day 2018: Recap

Apr 23, 2018
This month, Attorney Jon Ross led a New Hampshire Bar Association delegation as part of ABA Day 2018. Each year, the American Bar Association invites bar leaders from all states to come and meet with their congressional delegations to advocate for ABA legislative priorities. Jon has served on the ABA Day Planning Committee for the last 3-4 years and has been attending for NH for nearly 20 years.

Civility as a Negotiation Strategy

Apr 17, 2018
While many aspects of negotiation are difficult, the seemingly easiest is just working well with others -- being polite, acknowledging opposing viewpoints, showing respect and paying attention. These, and other active listening skills, should be a given in any negotiation, setting the stage for effective communication, information sharing and working together toward a resolution.

New Hampshire Net Metering Update

Feb 14, 2018
In its 2016 session, the New Hampshire General Court passed HB 1116. Among other things, including temporarily increasing the cap on net metering, this law required that the Public Utility Commission open a docket to explore “new alternative tariffs” to replace the existing net metering program. The PUC opened Docket No. DE 15-576, which brought together a broad spectrum of stakeholders. After over a year of technical sessions and evidentiary hearings, the PUC issued Order No. 26,029. This blog post provides a brief overview of that order.

2018 Vermont Energy Legislative Updates

Jan 10, 2018
New Year, new energy bills to review. On January 3rd, the legislature returned for the 2018 session, presenting several new energy bills that may impact you and your business.

2018 New Hampshire Energy Legislative Updates

Jan 10, 2018
The 2018 New Hampshire Legislature has introduced or amended a number of energy bills. Outlined below are updates regarding smart grid, renewable portfolio Standard, public utility commission, rate design, net-metering, energy efficiency, utilities, electric vehicles, renewable energy development, Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), energy infrastructure, and other bills that may impact you and your business.