Publications & Presentations

BNA Daily Tax Report: Rent-a-Center

Mar 22, 2017
“Captive Insurance Continues to Draw Interest After ‘Rent-A-Center’ Decision” by Nicole M. Bodoh.

Captive Insurance Special Bulletin

Feb 02, 2017
Please see enclosed a special bulletin in regards to The New York Department of Financial Services releasing its final Cybersecurity Regulation for Financial Services Companies. February 2017 — Special…

Gary Karnedy presented at Essentials of Employment Law Seminar

Jan 02, 2017
Gary Karnedy presented at the Essentials of Employment Law seminar hosted by Sterling education on Thursday, January 26, at the Hilton Hotel; Burlington, VT. The seminar took a look a different aspects…

VBA Bankruptcy Holiday CLE

Dec 01, 2016
Douglas Wolinsky and Alexandra Edelman will be presenters at the Vermont Bar Association Holiday Bankruptcy CLE and Luncheon on December 2, 2016 at the Essex Culinary Resort and Spa, Essex, Vermont. Their…

Compliance Alert: Employer Sponsored, Self-funded Health Plan

Nov 17, 2016
Effective as of the first day of the plan year commencing on or after January 1, 2017, employer sponsored, self-insured health plans may be subject to the civil rights provision of Section 1557 of the…

Alternative Dispute Resolution: When Mediation Becomes a Client’s Day in Court

Nov 03, 2016
Not long ago, alternative dispute resolution was one of the many stopping points on the path to trial. ADR was something you checked off the list as you prepared a case for a presentation in a courtroom.…

Upcoming Presentation: Gary L. Franklin- October 14, 2016

Oct 03, 2016
Gary L. Franklin will be providing a presentation focused on his latest publication “The Defense Trade Secrets Act of 2016” at the 138th Vermont Bar Association Seminar occurring in Fairlee, VT. To read…

Upcoming Presentation: Anne E. Cramer- October 6, 2016

Oct 01, 2016
Anne Cramer will be a panel speaker during the Vermont Information Technology Leaders 2016 Summit on Navigating the Health IT Landscape and will be presenting on the topic of “HIPAA Compliance and Health…

Family Law: Not Over ’Til It’s Over: Pre- and Post-Petition Conduct Is Fair Game in Divorce Cases

Aug 15, 2016
The New Hampshire Supreme Court recently decided two cases that broadened the scope of conduct the trial court considers in divorce matters, before marriage and after filing a petition. In the first case,…

Captive Insurance Newsletter – July 2016

Jul 01, 2016
Our Captive Insurance team collaborates on a semi-annual basis to publish a newsletter containing some of the most recent developments in Vermont case law  and a discussion of what it means for our clients. …