Association Health Plans & Captives: New Regulations, New Opportunities

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Attorney and shareholder Jesse Crary is scheduled to co-host an informational session at the 2019 Vermont Captive Insurance Association Conference (VCIA) with Karin J. Landry of Spring Consulting Group, LLC on August 7, 2019, at 10 am. 

Session Overview

2018 brought many legislative changes to the insurance industry, one of which involves the expansion of Association Health Plans (AHPs). Attend this session for a deep dive into the new AHP regulations, clarifying gray areas, explaining their pros and cons and states’ reactions. 

This greater embrace of AHPs by the federal government gives new options to insurance professionals across the country. Learn about those options in detail, and the opportunities for existing and prospective captive owners regarding AHPs. By joining together, smaller organizations can gain the experience needed to become a self-insured entity in the future. With that experience, they can use a captive to fund medical stop-loss. These processes will be detailed; using Spring’s Healthcare Cooperative as a case study to provide meaningful insights. A captive owner or risk manager will present their perspective, and an attorney will add color to the legal issues at hand.

To learn more about the session or to register visit the VCIA website.