Montpelier VT


Primmer started in the 1980s as a boutique regulatory firm, representing federally and state regulated entities.  To better serve those clients, we opened a Montpelier office in 1992, as our regulatory and lobbying work was growing exponentially.  To this day, we continue to represent highly regulated financial and health care institutions, insurance companies (including captive insurers) and utilities, to name a few, as well as regulated professional individuals.  Over the years, our work in the state’s capital has expanded into representing clients at the Vermont Attorney General’s Office in consumer and employment matters, the Green Mountain Care Board, the Office of Professional Regulation, the Agency of Education, the Tax Department, the Department of Financial Regulation, the Agency of Transportation, the Agency of Human Services, and various other state agencies and departments.   We also expanded our general practice providing legal services throughout Central Vermont.   

Though we no longer maintain a physical office in the state's capital, technology has allowed Primmer to continue to effectively represent our clients in the Vermont legislature, and before state government agencies. Because of our reputation and relationships with regulators, no firm is better equipped to handle your regulatory problems in Montpelier.  

Our mobile Government Relations team maintains a constant presence in the Capitol building when the Legislature is in session, and regularly holds meetings in the area with clients, legislators, the Administration, and concerned parties. Staying connected to Vermont specific issues and advancements in legislation are paramount for our seasoned team of lobbyists in Montpelier.

Some of the great work we provide to our Central Vermont clients include:


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