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For the last four decades, our firm has provided specialized legal counsel to help our regulated clients address regulatory requirements, roadblocks, and reviews. Our Regulatory & Compliance Practice Group includes former state and federal government employees who have long-standing working relationships with regulators and other government agencies. Our regulatory work dovetails with our Government Relations Team’s relationships in state government. If the firm is unable to resolve client issues through conciliation with a particular government agency, we are experienced in litigating matters at administrative agency hearings and in court, if necessary.

We are skilled at advocating for client interests in a way that maintains ongoing good relations with regulators.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Department of Financial Regulation’s regulatory enforcement arm organized?

The Department of Financial Regulation has several divisions: Banking, Insurance, Securities and Captives. Each division has a deputy commissioner. Unlike many state government agencies, it has its own attorneys that report to the General Counsel, rather than embedded Assistant Attorney Generals. Our firm has good working relationships with each division and attorney.

If I am unhappy with a decision of the Department of Financial Regulation, is going to court my only avenue of relief?

Generally, the Department affords regulated entities with an administrative hearing and appeal to the Commissioner before a regulatory decision is final.

What business issues does the Attorney General’s office investigate that Primmer could help my company defend?

The Attorney General’s office investigates and prosecutes civil claims on a variety of issues, which our firm can help you navigate and defend, including civil rights, Medicaid fraud & abuse, prescribed product gift bans, telemarketing fraud, debt adjustment, credit reporting, lending practices, environmental protection, antitrust, and consumer fraud.

If my company receives an investigative subpoena for the Vermont Attorney General, what should we do?

Contact counsel first, who can then inquire with the Assistant Attorney General who issued the subpoena.

What employment issues do the federal and state Departments of Labor regulate?

Wage and hour, overtime, unemployment, and workers’ compensation. The state and federal agencies have their own separate employment laws, and can enforce them separately or jointly depending upon the issue.

Is the Vermont Labor Relations Board a part of the Vermont Department of Labor?

No, the VLRB is an independent Board with jurisdiction over multiple collective bargaining statutes in Vermont. Primmer Attorney Gary Karnedy is currently Chairperson of the VLRB.


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