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Primmer Piper Eggleston & Cramer’s attorneys serve as private and court-appointed mediators on a broad range of civil litigation and commercial matters.Drawing on their years of experience as trial attorneys for both plaintiffs and defendants, the firm’s mediators bring an in-depth knowledge of both the litigation and mediation process to communicate effectively with parties and counsel about the strengths and weaknesses of cases and the advantages of controlling risk through negotiated resolutions.  With most courts now requiring litigants to participate in mandatory alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as part of the litigation process, an intimate understanding of the mediation and arbitration processes and the advocacy skills that are effective in such venues is critical to effective client representation.

Services Provided


The firm’s mediation style couples an in-depth understanding of the facts and law with an aggressive “hands-on” approach to identifying and communicating risks to all sides, which helps bring the parties to closure in difficult cases. Our mediators handle a wide variety of cases, which include:


Drawing on their broad experience as neutrals, the firm’s attorneys are particularly effective advocates for clients in private mediation and arbitration, as well as court-ordered mediations in the state and federal courts of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between mediation and arbitration?

Mediation is a non-binding process involving a neutral who guides the parties but does not make decisions about the case outcome. In an arbitration the arbiter or arbitration panel hears evidence from the parties and decides the case outcome. Thus, in mediation parties reserve control over decisions and work collaboratively with the mediator to try to reach agreement, whereas arbitration is more like an informal trial with the decision being made by the neutral.

Why is it important to hire a mediator who has significant experience in the type of case I have?

Only attorneys with significant experience in the subject matter and procedures involved in a particular type of case can fully advise the parties of advantages and disadvantages in their position and the likely course of further litigation in the event no settlement is reached.

What is the firm’s track record for dispute resolution?

Mediations result in settlement of over 90% of all claims either at the session or in follow-up communications shortly thereafter.


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