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Adam Mordecai

Primmer Shareholders Secure Important Victory in Osman Case

Aug 29, 2016
Shareholders Gary Burt and Adam Mordecai of Primmer’s Manchester office recently secured an important victory for their clients in a case involving allegations of brain damage due to elevated blood lead…
Alexandra Clauss

Vermont “Bans the Box”

Aug 26, 2016
Most employers will be prohibited from asking about an individual’s criminal history record on initial employment applications after July 1, 2017, the date Vermont’s “ban the box” statute takes effect.
Primmer’s Michael Hill Quoted in Sept. ’16 CaptiveReview.Com Article re. Growing Use of Captive Insurers to Provide Environmental Coverages

Primmer’s Michael Hill Quoted in Sept. ’16 CaptiveReview.Com Article re. Growing Use of Captive Insurers to Provide Environmental Coverages

Aug 26, 2016
Along with representatives from Chubb and Marsh, Primmer’s Michael Hill is quoted at length in CaptiveReview.com’s Sept. 2016 article regarding the increased use of captive insurers to cover environmental…
Alex Edelman

Second Circuit Ruling of First Impression on National Bank’s Citizenship

Aug 23, 2016
In OneWest Bank, N.A. v. Robert W. Melina, 2016 WL 3548346 (2d Cir. June 29, 2016), the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit recently held that a national bank is a citizen only of the…
Alex Edelman

CFPB Updates Mortgage Servicing Rules and Foreclosure Protections

Aug 16, 2016
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently adopted a final rule that updates mortgage servicing rules and expands foreclosure protections for struggling borrowers and other homeowners. The…
By: Shireen Hart

The Speaking Circuit

Aug 12, 2016
Anne Cramer and I are doing a lot of talks these days to groups, whether clients or not, about recent developments in health law (that seems like a redundant phrase, given the breakneck pace at which health…
Happy Anniversary Vermont!

Happy Anniversary Vermont!

Jul 29, 2016
Beginning Tuesday, August 9, there will be a multiday celebration in honor of the 35th anniversary of Vermont’s captive insurance legislation. Since Vermont became a captive in 1981, there have been significant…
By: Nicole Bodoh

Thinking about Deferring Executive Compensation? Setting up a 409-A Compliant Plan is a Must

Jul 19, 2016
Company executives sometimes decide to delay receiving their salaries for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the company lacks sufficient cash to meet its compensation obligations. Or perhaps the executive…
Gary M. Burt

Two Recent Victories

Jul 01, 2016
Primmer’s Gary M. Burt, successfully represented Vermont Mutual Insurance Company before the New Hampshire Supreme Court in the matter of Todd v. Vermont Mutual Insurance Co., et al. Todd had been accused…
Gary Karnedy

Did the Green Mountain Care Board Overstep its Power?

Jun 22, 2016
Primmer’s Gary Karnedy argued a case for client MVP Health Insurance Co. at the Vermont Supreme Court on Tuesday. MVP is suing the Green Mountain Care Board on behalf of Agriservices, a farming association…